Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lady Like By Amber Ojeda produced by Shammy Dee

Hello again world! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday night. I am by being home and relaxing and trying to maintain sane. Now my friends and associates that haven't heard from me please don't take anything personal. It's not you, you haven't done anything wrong. I need some space and time for myself. Lately I've been under a lot of stress, I know some may think what stress? I don't have kids, a house or any major responsibilities BUT that means NOTHING! Just because I don't have little brats to take care of or any other major responsibilities does NOT mean anything. I am a grown ass woman with other responsibilities too-DAMN! School to deal with, assholes at work, personal home issues, and so on and so forth. Most importantly GOALS that must be achieved. The problem is good things takes too long to happened-well with me that is. DISCLAIMER: punishment has nothing to do with harming myself or others (NOT THAT TYPE SO GET IT RIGHT!) SO what I'm doing is putting myself under somewhat a "Val's personal punishment"-don't think ya'll need to know what the punishment is. I promise once I've accomplished something I'll share that with you all :-) Thank you for trying to understand at least. For the judgemental asses-go ahead and do ya job :-) I know some may think what does this song "Ladylike" have to do with my post? well that's the modd I'm in-Neo Soul all day babii :-) Link

My first black Friday experience :-)

Look at the picture on your left, what do you see? You see a green hard shell super durable expensive looking luggage right? Well the green-super durable part is right, now the expensive part-nope! This luggage I actually got yesterday (black friday-which I was one of the fools that participated). I actually got this at Marshall's at the Atlantic Center mall. My first store I visited yesterday was Marshall's (which was a crazy mess with reckless shoppers). I looked around a bit and BAMMM! there goes the luggage department. I needed a new luggage so why not? This is an Izode, hard shell. The regular price online is from $99-$250 but you won't believe how much I got it for-$69.99 with tax $76 something. Now you know that was a great deal. Not only it's a good brand but got it at an affordable price and at my favorite color- #SCORE lol. Now for the people that knows me they know I am very frugal. I will not spend $100 on a belt, not even a pair of jeans or shoes. I know some might think people should buy good shoes and spending close to it is not bad but why spend that much when I can get for less same brand elsewhere? I also got some other things too on sale. I went to Target which was a bigger mess because there were a few customers fighting over damn shopping carts-grown ass folks. Burlington Coat was another place I shopped at. It was a good first black friday for me-all that mattered to me was I didn't have to be up super early like some people but still got a few items at a great price-satisfied. Link

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are you thankful for?

I know I might be a little late to even put this post up but whatever it's only 5 mins to midnight-does it matter at the end of the day? ummmmm... This thanksgiving me and the family didn't do much. My sister worked and everyone else did their own thing. It was no big deal for us-another thanksgiving which we celebrate it everyday just by being around each other. I am very thankful for the family I have althought we have our own issues-who doesn't? I am thankful for my health and their health. I am thankful for my job, after all in this economy :-) I am thankful for my friends and some associates I have. I AM ALSO THANKFUL THAT GOD MADE ME REALIZED I MUST WATCH OUT FOR SOME PEOPLE AND HELPING BY GETTING RID OF THEM :-) Now I would like to know what are you thankful for? feel free to comment anonymously or if you're a blogger go ahead and share with me. Thank you for stopping by. Link

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nose ring is finally healed-thanks Neosporin!

Sometime ago maybe about two months now, before my LA trip back in August I think , I decided to get the nose pierced-OUCH for a few seconds. Honestly it's something I never thought of doing-ever! But for some reason I just went ahead and got it done-nope I wasn't drunk or anything. For some reason I thought "It's very sexy and I have the perfect nose for a ring". When I first entered the tattoo/piercing shop (one of the shops on St. Marks) I was so nervous but I made it inside anyway. It wasn't that bad how I expected it to be. It was very painful when the needle was being pushed in and as soon as it entered the nose I teared on that side-whew! It bled a little on that side and my piercer gave me some "cleaning advice" on how to take care of it. Now during the healing process I'm not sure what I did wrong but I woke up one day and discovered a bump, a pump is a minor keloid. Now the bump is somewhat a sign of infection and if it doesn't get taken care of it'll get worst. It didn't freak me out because my other unusual piercings I had bumps and they went away a couple of days later. This pump made me more self-conscious of my face and of course how others will look at me-after all it's a bump somewhere on the face-ewww! One of my co-workers (obviously had that issue) told me to use Neosporin. Thank God for Neosporin or else not sure what I'd do. I'm pretty sure the bump would've gone away after a couple of days or maybe week but the Neosporin got rid of it quicker and took the infection away. OMG it looked so funny like I was growimg a little nose on top of my left nose haaaa! ewww! Thanks to Miss Cano for recommending Neosporin, it all went away and my piercing is all nice and cute and ready to change the ring-thinking of a white gold diamond stud :-) Something small and simple-wouldn't want to look like those typical Baquisha LOL

Before you leave I have a link on the bottom on nos piercing-check it out please if you're thinking of getting your nose pierced.

Hope that was helpful.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

06. Neon Lights - Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me

I actually volunteered at one of her concerts at Irving over the spring-she's awesome! Now I'm sure I'm not the only one that has heard of her-she's one of my favorites besides Adele and a few others. I love this song omg! For some reason I always play this song first on my phone when I'm on the train-anywhere on a public transportation. enjoy!