Sunday, March 28, 2010


Good morning world!

It is exactly 6:15am on a sunday morning. can you believe it's March already? I can!

Sippin' on my Zen tea-yummm!

I was supposed to be getting ready for work right now for 8am but I called out, I'm unable to make it. I can not go to work with my hand looking like this. The flesh is out. It peeled off and it hurts.

Anywho, I need to start working on my blogs more...I'm getting behind.
A lot has happened from the last time I was here. My dad finally went back home to visit. He said everyone is doing well-thank GOD!

I'm going to SF for my birthday. I am so HAPPY. First time going there. Ppl I shared that with told me it's a great place and I'll have a great time :-) so I'm hype about that.
I've never been there. My friends were like "Wow Val, alone? What are you gonna do over there?" Ummm..visit..and what's wrong with taking a vacation by yourself anyway? Sometimes you just need that alone time where you just go and leave your area for a while and do you-like a soaring butterfly lol
I could've invited my friends to go with me but first I don't they'll want to go on somewhat short notice, secondly I really want this to be a "Val away alone" time you know. They didn't take it personal and I'm glad :-)
Booked flight since the end of Jan. I wasn't thinking about getting a package (flight & hotel) so now I still have to worry about hotel-wouldn't want to go there being homeless like a bumm do we now? LOL

Everything is ok on my hand but of course it could be better. But let's not start complaining or else things might get worst.

So hopefully the next post will be a BETTER one!
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