Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decided! Sorry for the weak ones ☺

...Ok so I've decided to eliminate the negative ones out of my life.

..WAITTT!!! Before I continue I want to make myself clear and don't judge me for my decision (not that it would make a difference anyway), but I am tired of all the negative, the complainer, judgemental, arrogant, just the "why this and why that, how come this and how come that?" Type ones-TIRED of them all.
We all have our problems but always complaining about them will not result into anything but stress, if it wasn't meant to be then FACE WON'T work!!! So be quiet and enjoy the ride we call life (or try to).

Yes I sometimes complain when things doesn't go my way, and I was judgemental at one point (which I'm working on)...hey!! I'm working on it, being judgemental and mean to ppl is not cool and it really reveals the type of person you are-SHITTY and just need to wiped out off the face of the earth (like that). So I am willing to change my ways and become a kinder and not so judgemental person.

When ppl see you or even have a conversation with you and they may not like your opinions on some things or how you word things they automatically assume the worst UGHH!!-dont you hate that?
I don't care what others have to say about me or view me-BUT what I do know is I am surrounded by two types of group of friends-the positive ones where I learn something everytime we hang out and have a conversation, and they're willing to give out a hand, the ones that let me know "what's up" and "val, you're fucking up!" Type. ....and I do have the type where all they do is complain and complain, negative, only work and have no goals (I understand we may have our problems) but the ones that aren't trying. The materialistic types, the ones all they wanna do is give you the biggest ☺ and behind your back they really hate you!!
The ones where there's no way you can learn anything from them (positive things that is)..the ones where you've tried to give out a hand but refused and think they know it all-Hmm!! I wonder why you always think you know it all.

So I decided to delete, ignore, deny, shut down, eliminate those types where in all actuality have nothing in common-seriously I should've known that years ago, months ago, weeks ago and even days ago.

I know you're not supposed to push anyone out your life-WAIT!!
Who said you're not supposed to again?!
Oh it's our decision isn't it?
Ummm..if I make a decision and it's for the better, to better my life-HECK yeah I will ☺
...When you're surrounded by negative ppl they bring negative energy along to you, it's all around you and that really affects everyone around them-and believe me I really don't need that.
I don't need any negative vibes or any of that around me.
So I'm keeping the ones where I know won't have to worry about being myself and will accept me for who I am. The ones that we can relate and have a conversation without being negative on things. The ones where I can learn from.

I am doing this for myself and that would be one of the things I will be working on.

Thank you!
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Thursday, August 13, 2009


..I feel so bad right now and ashamed to know that I forgot if today was my loving sister's birthday :(

I would ♥ to put a pic of her up but she's not a pic type of person-she's very simple and plain and loving just the way she is. She's older than me and she really watches out for me and my well being although sometimes I be thinking I'm the older one and we always get into it.. But she knows she's my ♥ ☺

My sister is my other half-we may not be spending a lot of time together or hang out on a regular like I do with my closes friends or do a lot together but she's my ♥ and my soul, no one I mean no one can take her place :)
I ♥ her with all my being and soul and I wish her all the best for her birthday and so on in life.

So this is for my number one ♥

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Monday, August 10, 2009


I am sooo glad that I can finally blog via email :)
At first I could't cause I didn't know how to set my mobile blogging-somehow I'm doing it. I guess the way they set it up for you to do it.
But I LOVE ogging, and the mobile blogging is wayy convenient-im not always in front of a computer I'm a phone freak so it's much easier for me to share my views :)

...very sleepy...damn those advil pm seems to be doing wonders.
So today Ms. Flow decided to stop by when she's supposed to come knocking at my door in two week (you see what stress does to you!) SMDH!
I can honestly admit that I've been better than a couple of weeks ago, stressed but not as stressed as I was weeks ago. Give me some damn credit I'm trying lol :)

So how was my weekend? Lol
Ok it was peaceful, quiet, stress-free and loving.
Saturday I did nada-blockbuster night with sis and enjoyed my family's company :)
And Sunday me and the ladies attended the SummerStage in Central Park then we went out for dinner-GREAT time :)
One thing I'm glad and grateful for, despite me having my lil issues or we have our flaws but we all are positive individuals-we like to have fun, but we know the limit and we look out for one another :) what else can I possibly asked for huh?! TELL ME!!!!!

...yes I made some major moves (mentally-wise, behavior-wise, emotionally-wise)
I did something Sunday which I am proud of and glad I did and thank GOD I feel sooo much better.
Sometimes though I really need to chill the fuck out and enjoy the ride and take it easy (working on it)
Hopefully things will continue to go easy :)
I have hope that it will. I'm making a fresh new start with this friendship and glad I am :)

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

...So far my saturday..

..This is what happens when you're bored on a saturday night...
Like I mentioned in my latest post I had no plans but today I think I accomplished alot-alot as in went to my favorite nail shop in LI (yup worth the travel), got the special pedicure and manicure and of course including the massages :)
Then went to the city to get my eyebrows done-all nicely shaped :)
I feel sooo good...I needed a lil pampering lol.

...Hold on *sippin' on some wine*

Ok.. I was just watching movies with sis-damn been a while since I spent some time at home and enjoy her company, we made it a movie night.
My friends invited me out to different events but I declined *shrugs*
Well not only my hair look busted lol-so gotta get it done but I'm just not in the mood to do the club scene tonight..Hmm!! I don't know, I guess I'm still going thru my mood and not myself from what happened last night-I just hate being disappointed.
Like I said everything could be prevented!!!

I'm not mad or anything but I'm just not in the mood for the club scene or going out at all. My hair=disaster lol
Not good for the club scene.
I'm also not in the mood to talk or anything...I need some time alone right now.
But I hope they have a good time-which I'm sure they will.
So I'm in bed and about to twitter my fingers away untill I fall asleep lol..I sound like a loser :)

..Now one of my friend just texted me "how are you and her doing?" Her as in ...anyway I replied "there's no her" lol.."we're not even friends anymore, her wants me out her life for good, why? I don't know!" *shrugs*
I even tried to be and to come to an understanding to what really went wrong and what cause the downfall but her obviously didn't care to see and understand where I was coming from. Her rather play the psychic game where she knows it all instead of calling or talk face to face but instead she rather assume the worst of me and that shit hurts and annoying Hmm!!
Sometimes you just gotta keep that lil bit of pride you have left and not let anyone step on it.
Like I keep saying if someone really cares about you or your feelings they would try to respect it and not let anything happen to hurt you...but of course I'm never the lucky one lol....
Funny thing was though I never hated or held a grudge against her...I'm proud of myself for that :)
Seriously I am good....
There's no way you can force someone to be in your life if they want you out!!!!
Hmm!! I do ummmm..
Fuck it!!! Whatever this isn't no personal journal LOL

Anyway I'm having a good night and hopefully have a better sunday :)
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Disappointed *SIGHS*

One thing I really don't understand-why when someone cries or sad about something (which is normal by the way) the other person automatically assume they're weak and can't deal with certain situations? It's not even that, maybe that person express his/her emotions different from you or anyone else-better be that way (healthier) than to react like a mad man lol.

So Wednesday I found out I passed my summer class which I'm sooo HAPPY-thank you my LORD!!
Me the this classmate which she's a friend now (we clicked since the first day of class :)) usually have lunch and drinks after class-she introduced me to some nice restaurants :)
*I just love going to different restaurants/bar and lounges* last night after work I was supposed to be meeting up with my good friend, have dinner and drinks with her.....should I continue with this?
What the heck!?!!
To make it short I got stood up, disappointed-BLAH!!

I'm learning to understand life and things may happen and to stop being selfish. I'm not mad, I'm hurt but I will be ok.
What I don't understand is at least a call would have been nice, anything. That I think I at least deserved.
So I could've done something else and hung out with other friends...

Moving on.......
So today I have no plans...
Let's see Hmm!!
I might just go to the movies alone-sometimes being alone is better-that way you get to stay away from ppl and look within yourself and understand your main priorities and who's really true to you.

I'm feeling some type of way-alot of emotions now...
I miss someone and I just wanna kick myself for that!!! Because obviously that person been moved on and totally forgot about me, or even my number funny!!

I just want to have a good day!
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