Thursday, June 30, 2011

My DC Trip-too bad no pics now I've decided to catch up on my blog today and why not do it at a good time other than today-after all I'm off...nothing to actually do..why not? ..wait this blog (the last time I updated it it was supposed to be a "random" one right?) I recently went to DC, to get away from my usual NY life. I surely went alone like I did when I went to SF last spring. It was somewhat a solo trip that really enjoyed. I always say and believe sometimes you don't need a group of friends/people to have a good time-I believe it all depends on the person that you are-which I am very responsible, mature, smart, independent so I was good. I actualy took a couple of pictures and I was trying to upload here but somehow it wouldn't work-sucks! I guess I'll have to try it another time. I had an amazing time. I visited the Smithsonian, the Monumet and The White House (which I couldn't get too close), next time I'll have to book a tour to visit the inside. I really had a great time. Believe it or not I love museums :-) I'd really like to get away again...which I'm planning on. It's always good to get away once in a while you know. yeah...... Link

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I can already smell a great summer :-)

Hello world!

How are you all doing? I need to frequent here more to save my sanity lol....

I'm actually up to catch up one this blog and my movie blog as well :-)

.... Wait am I the only one that feels like it's going to be a great summer? Yeah me... It's going to be an eventful one.. Not only I'll be going places also I won't have to break the banks Haaaaa! I'm serious :-)

So my mom is enjoying her time back home on vacation visiting family and friends. I miss her dearly :-( gosh I can't think about this right now. That's my love.

I'm glad she left because she needed to get away and visit family and friends but also it's going to be a crazy summer-the heat isn't good for her.

I know y'all probably think it's hotter over there-it may be but there's no humidity, cool breeze with the sun. It's like spring over there.

I know for sure it's going to be a productive, eventful summer and lord I am ready!

Until next time world *kisses*

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