Thursday, July 25, 2013

My not-so good summer!

Good evening world!

Hope your summer is treating you all well. 
This summer is very ummmm weird-mostly rain.

I can honestly say this summer isn't a good one for me at all. 
Family-wise great (thank God), health-wise (thank God too), work-wise (the same). 
As far as anything else like how I planned on spending it-you'd think it'd go the way I expected and planned? As always NOPE!

I've met some awesome people along the way and some I knew for quite some time and became closer through the spring and summer which I'm grateful for and still am even though I'm  not in their lives anymore. 
Some that I've learned a lot from on life experiences and other aspects on life-grateful like always. 
I've learned a little about myself and I'm still learning and growing. 

I've made some horrible decisions alone the way-but we're not gonna go there eh!
I don't regret any of them. 
As much as I should or to some people they would but not me. 
If anything I am blessed to share those wonderful experiences with who God blessed me with. 

Now I will see what this fall has in store for me-not planning on anything at all. I'll just let it come and go with the flow of it all. 

Thank you!