Friday, February 20, 2009

the importance of MOM and true FRIENDS!!

Hello all, I know I've been away for quite some time now-I've been very busy. I had to register for my financial papers, you know basically get my shyt together (so have to go back), plus work has been keeping me away. Oh, umm I also haven't been myself for a couple of a week or so due to some nasty horrible flu :( To tell you the truth, I thought that was the end for me that's how sick I was, I didn't go to work that whole entire week nor even attend the events I was supposed to volunteer at. That's how sick I was, I was in bed all day and everyday. BUT the only person that really made me feel better of course besides GOD was my mother-dad is away back home. But mom of course is always there when in need even when not in need she knows it :) Seriously without GOD spiritually and mom who made sure I put something in my belly (cause a bad cold takes away your appetite completely) and I was feeling weak and tired easily. So mom took care of me. She's a FUCKING ANGEL and I thank GOD for having the best mom ever!!!! So for the ppl that thinks "there's a time in your life you need to grow up and take care of yourself and be independent, you don't need mom anymore" and I'd say to them "Just shut it up!! wonder what kind of mom raised you that you don't think you'll never need her?"" then I would roll my eyes* Yes there are points in our lives we need to be independent and take care of ourselves but the feeling of knowing and having that wonderful mom-her touch (when she touches my neck and forehead to see if I have the fever), her soothing words (asking how I'm feeling every couple of mins. And telling me I will be well soon and not to worry. And everytime I thanked her shereplies "don't thank me, it"s my job"). Her support (always made sure I eat at least soup and take my meds) oh did I mentioned she's the fucking best? Well she's a fucking ANGEL!!!! ::::sippin' on some theraflu::::: Ok....I may not say it well and I don't care right now, but I'm sure you've heard of "When you're in need or sick that's when you can really tell for sure who your true friends are?" well I did came to that conclusion or "That's when you know for sure who really gives a shyt about you (the ppl in your life) whoever" guess what? I think GOD was trying to make me see something....I know you may think "what is she talking about?" But read carefully please and it's the fucking truth!!!! My best friend, val was there for me throughout my entire sickness, by calling me every couple of hours each day, she even came to my house to give me some med she thought might be good to take. Now there's a few peeps I'm cool with at work (well won't be anymore), did they even texted me to ask how I was feeling? NO FUCKING WAY!!! Guess what? Not even my own manager LOL....yup I'm serious, but let's leave it at that. Now he just texted me asking me "hey plo, you feeling better to work today?" Come on guys what should I replied back? Should I text back telling him "to go fuck his fat self"? Or to just "fuck you fat fuck?" Or just ignore it? Still debating Mmmm!!! Oh something else, this is how much I'm loved by plenty you guys-I was supposed to be at SOBS to do some volunteering work, ok I emailed the lady who's in charge and the person I was supposed to work with at 3 fucking something in the morning and texted them, ok I got a reply from the person I was supposed to work with but not the lady who's in charge of the local outreached-Mmmm!! Wonder why! Maybe she was upset cause I could not make it, or whatever the reason is, but whatever it is my health comes first-I'm sorry I was hack hack hack and feeling weak, sick all over and all I could do is stay in bed rather than go out in this cold and take the freaking public tranportation...sorry I couldn't go out to make myself worst, oh that event was supposed to be more important than my own fucking health, I didn't know it worked like that smhhh!!!But my point is I now came to a realization and have a true understanding of a good friendship, and the the appreciation of the great ppl I have in my life. THANK YOU GOD AGAIN AND MOM!! Link