Sunday, January 26, 2014 lost?

....someone asked me what did I lose last year...This was a good question and it's unfortunate I can't share too much with you folks on here...

....Let's see what I lost - ummm some friends..well they weren't true friends if they're not in my life anymore-history.
I've lost some people I valued, cared and loved and just wish they didn't do me any wrongs but that's life.
I've lost someone I've never got a chance to meet or fully loved - that's life and things happened.
I almost lose myself, my spirit, my pride and dignity over someone that had horrible and negative motives towards me - but God always have my back. the end I'm still standing and as long as I have my health, family and a few awesome friends and my job I'm pretty damn good - I'll let God take care of the rest :)
He always do a good job, always on time.