Monday, September 17, 2012

...strange but an #awesome encounter!

Lady on the train that I sat next to reached over and tapped me on the arm and (I thought WTF you tapping me for) but I turned toward her and smile and asked "yes?"
Her: forgive me but I think I should say this wether you're a believer or not. You're such a beautiful person now don't let anyone change that. You must not let anyone make you a different person you don't need to be.

(all this time I'm there listening and in my head I'm like omg who is this lady?)

Her: You have so much on your shoulders, let some of the burdens free, some don't need to be there.
Some people will try just about anything to make others lives miserable just because theirs aren't the way they wanted it to be.
Let them dig their grave and they'll find themselves digging two by trying to do wrong.
You must not worry.
The only thing that should always matter to you and must come first is your family and your health and the rest will fall into place like they should be.
I'm sorry for disturbing you and I just had to share that with you ma'am"

Then her stop and she got up and left without looking back.
That was weird and scary but so refreshing.
Not sure why but I had a good feeling too.
Like where did she came from?
Those were the questions I kept asking myself.

She made my day despite the fact that I don't know her and never seen her before on that 4 line. How the hell she knew I'm stressed-out?!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hello world!

Good morning everyone!

I know it's been a while since I showed my traces here and please forgive me.
I'll make sure it doesn't happen again (..but do you realize how many times I've said that?)-this time I truly mean it.
A lot has been going on in my life lately and unfortunately some aren't pretty good-you know the usual (personal issues, and work). Besides that I'm doing well.

May you all have a wonderful labor day weekend.
Stay safe y'all!

...oh I almost forget: the people that sent me personal messages asking to see a recent picture of me keep scrolling to the bottom-enjoy!