Monday, December 31, 2012


So this is when it'll be a good time to wish everyone and their mamas a Happy New Year right?

I seriously wish you all a great upcoming year.

How was last year for you all?
Seriously how was it? Was it great, awesome, bad, fucked-up, oh just "ehh! Could be better?

Mine was good and of course could be better but I am still grateful because I get to experienced every bit of it and accomplished some of my goals-not too bad right? Right :-)

Let's see here:
My good health and families, the continuing love I get from them and support.
My job which I'm grateful for even though sometimes I wanna choke most of them at my job (I'm serious about that one!)-but the company I love.

Let's see here.... Oh yeah I eliminated a lot of baggages-some I never thought I'd get rid of and sadly I did but again I come first and my well-being.
Some I should've gotten rid of years ago and god made it possible to finally do that.
Ummm..... It was confirmed that I have very few people I call friends and that I'm a loner let's see here... I think in the fall. Actually no! In the spring.
I think that's about it and I'm ok with that.

I've also met some great people that hopefully will stay in my life for good and grateful for-thank god for that.

Oh.. I'll mention this anyway because to me it is a big deal hee hee!
I got my license and got my first car-I am very happy.
I am free and all me :-)

Now next year........
... Nah! I won't be posting anything about next year till around the same time.
Some of you know that I have a tendency of jinxing myself whenever I speak my business so I'll keep it on a hush... *wink* we'll see.


******Be safe and don't be a pendeja/pendejos by drinking and driving!