Saturday, October 3, 2009

Does GOD really test ppl?-why me? I want the help I can't be tested!

So yesterday I took a test which could've slightly changed my life..or should I say made a minor difference in my life. Well I flunked it, yup I messed up. Weird part was I didn't take it hard on myself, why? Ppl messed up every now and then, good thing is I still have chances to re-take the test (thank GOD).

I was upset at myself for a while, hurt and angry cause I didn't pass, but then I took it like "GOD knows my time will come and maybe I'm not ready to pass yet".-hey not making excuses but the test is not a life and death situation nor something so major that it'll get me anywhere. And no not for school either and that's why I said I will be alight. Next I know to do better what the heck!

But my question is: why do you think GOD tests us sometimes?
Isn't he supposed to be our father and help us thru whatever we want and need?
Do you think he tests us to see who truly believes in him? But if that's the case doesn't he have the power to automatically know for sure who believes in him? Why the test for?

..Maybe I was too anxious to pass and couldn't focus *sighs* after all my limbs were ice cold and my heart felt like it jumped out my chest. Worst part was whenever I swallowed my spit (you know when the mouth is dry) you swallow it makes this weird noise-like it actually echoed UGHH!!
Yup I flunked it but life goes on-NEXT!!
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