Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello my lovely bloggers and my non-bloggers. I first would like to thank you for visiting my spot and see what I'm all about and see the other side of P_LO. I'm also glad you've at least checked out my spot just to umm... be nosey ::smiles::: My blog would not be like other blogs-not about shoes (although if I see a nice pair of shoe and may post it on here ehh). It would not be about one subject or category of sort but about everything/subject: Life, relationships, love, happiness, jobs, family, may add a little fashion from time to time and entertainment *wink*, and last but not least just a way for me to express myself and let others share their thoughts and opinion on what I have to say. So with all that said, you all may feel free to leave your traces/marks on my spot and vent away ::smiles:: Oh one more thing if you feel that one of my posts/subjects offends anyone please feel free to contact me and let me know-would gladly appreciate it and make anyone feel at ease :) I'm still new to the blog thing so bear with me and I will sure make your visit more easier.. feel free to contact me in any of the followings: Link www.myspace.com/valencia82 www.twitter.com/P_LOCA