Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Enjoy the summer safely :-)

As I'm typing this I'm still in my tub filled with ice, yes ice tub and I'm in it. I couldn't take the heat anymore, it was too unbearable to stay out feeling that heat against my skin. It literally felt like I was being cooked...I just cooked and that kitchen felt like it was 1000 degrees-wheewww! I know I was born in a hot climate but it was not's hot and sunny there but there's always a cool breeze flowing around :-) Also I haven't been in that climate in years so I'm not used to it. I love cool weather, the cool breeze against my skin. That I can live with. ...Anyhow I know some of you are being cooked inside of your apartments or houses, and even in general because after all there's no hiding from this heat. This post is for everyone. The people with the ACS, FANS and some unfortunately with nothing. I'm sure most of you might know how to keep cool and may find this post "useless" but do you actually know the right way to keep cool? Yes there is such a thing as The Right Way. This heat is dangerous to us and especially for small children(s) and the elderly. If we're not careful enough and take care of each other and ourselves we'll literally be cooked and die lol....sorry but it's true. ...with that said there are a few great steps to take to keep cool while enjoy this sauna....I meant "summer"......just follow these steps and you'll be fine..or so you should :-) The first thing we need when we're thirsty is what again? WATER! No matter what when we're thirsty or just ate what do we grab first to down WATER...that's because water is LIFE. It does a lot for the body; it cleanse it, cools it, it's good for our skin, it's basically something we should drink more often than the evil sodas (don't care if it's diet either which is WOST). Now don't you think it's a good idea to have a bottle or glass of iced water ready on hand for this summer? Water quench your thirst...come ON you know it does so stop lying to yourself..go ahead and grab a bottle or two. ...people people yeah YOU! I keeping hearing, ready people's status and reading their tweets about the latest perfumes. There's nothing wrong with smelling good and getting the latest perfume but remember it's summer and that heat doesn't go well with alcohol on the doesn't go well with strong scent on the skin. It can actually do some great damage to the skin. I know someone who experienced a first degree burn from wearing Coco chanel...yep it happened. This perfume smells great but it's so strong that when you wear it on days like this it can actually affect your skin. I know everyone's skin is different and some of you has alligator skin but still be careful. I know some people who still wears White Diamonds-UGHH! seriously that perfume is something else....White Diamonds season is over..that's like spraying yourself with gasoline and get ready for the flames..the smell is not so pleasant either. The best way I'd suggest anyone to keep the good smell without doing any damages to their skin is by using simple body splash. The body splash is not as strong as the pure perfume and it last long just as a perfume (well you just have to get a good brand). I'd suggest these from Bath and Body works. I have a few of them, smells great and they last throughout the whole day. They're not as strong as perfumes. You can either do those body splashes or head to Victoria's Secret or maybe The Body Shop and grab a GO! while you all spraying on those lovely body splash scent remember to coat your skin with SUNBLOCK! yes the cream that protects your skin from that hot ass sun..the body cream that helps your skin from being flaky and burned..and soon become cancer..yeah that's called SUNBLOCK!There are hundreds of different kinds of sunblock around, you just have to find the right one for you. Most doctors recommend the ones that has SPF<30, Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB blocking agents, and you should at least use daily with frequent reapplication. Now if you want a little shine on the skin to have that "natural" summer glow try the bronzer that has SPF<30 in it. Then you're set to'll have that "natural" summer glow while protecting your skin :-) ..while worrying about our sexy skin lets not forget what we love to drink or eat.....just because it's summertime and the heat is horrible doesn't mean we can't continue our lives-it's not the end of the world people! so for the people that enjoys to go out and have a drink or two..or maybe three or umm 4. You can always continue to do that. But for the pones that usually have gatherings at their house or parties I recommend you try a chilled sangria. You will LOVE it. Not regular cold but after you make it put it in the freezer for about 15-20mins and enjoy a glass. I like my drink here and there but in this heat there's no way I will do anything strong..the heat and strong alcohol=setting yourself up for disaster. Even if you're a drinker or not you will get drunk easily because of the heat. what about the kids? to keep the kids cool while enjoying their favorite desert let them have some ice cream Hmm! I'm not an ice cream type of person but this I would definitely enjoy :-) so go out and indulged! ...some of you might want ice cream when you go outside or some like myself would preferably enjoy a Tazo Green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks (don't even go there). I like mine with one pump of each of the syrups and one scoop of green tea match powder without the whip. The next time you visit a Starbucks try it :-) ....OK now you got all the basics and the information that you need time for you to start your Wednesday with the knowledge Val has given you. Believe me I will make the BEST out of this harsh summer with a nice glow lol.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Good evening world....yes it's me again...there's something I'd like to share with you guys and gyals again.... Although I may not be financially ready for a car yet...which I can get any junk from anyone but I want my first car to be special and my dream car. So most of you already know I'm OBSESSED with the color GREEN and of course I'd want a GREEN car :-) ...make sense dont' you think? Anywho I don't want any ordinary car, I'd love a beetle..a cute GREEN beetle :-) they're so cute..don't care who's the maker which I'm sure it's made by one I right or do I need to do some research on that? ....I like this type of car because it's unique, small enough for exactly four people which not most cars has. With only two doors. Very simple and I like that. now time to go do my research on the maker(s). far I'm still contemplating.... why do I have a feeling I'll be an intern at the UN or at the ABC News Studio? I'd really like to work with the great Stepehn King :-) but of course not dreams like that will take FOREVER...unless I have that connection which I can try to pull but I'm not gonna stress'll come to me. I believe it. So it's one math credit (math is my enemy right now) then internship. Two years ago I thought of transferring to Hunter after all Hunter offers alot of English courses that will do me good but since I plan on moving out of state I might as well start looking into schools where I plan on moving. Now I am so excited for something that's going to happen next the end of next I can't wait already lol. God is with me on this and got my back :-) Maybe I should stop right there because I have a tendency of getting all excited for something that's supposed to happen but because I'm too hype about it it turns out the other let's just say we shall see huh!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am only human now back OFF w/ a ☺

I am human-I am living...I have flaws-I'm only human...Iam sensitive-I cry to some silly things you may find funny or would never cry over-my feelings are different from yours-after all I am human..I have hurt-I've been hurt but I get over it-because I am learning...I view the world totally different from others because we are all different yet the same godamn species-we are human....I have judged-discriminated-hated-treated others bad but I have learned that shit won't get me, you or anyone anywhere-I have learned to appreciate others for who they are-they're only human....I care and sometimes too caring-am I going to change who I am because assholes doesn't appreciate that? HELL NO!-I am human....I have ♥ to give and share-I am human..........................I am living..loving..appreciating life for what it has to are you? this isn't a poem, don't try to view it this way. It's not a lyric either!
No this is not about anyone in specific-GENERAL! So stop trying to figure out or assume this is about you cause it isn't!
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