Sunday, October 31, 2010


...Ok today is Halloween...blah blah we know that! I honestly don't care for this "holiday" really. I mean it's good for the kids-yeah KIDS! because kids are allowed to pretend to be something else they're not but us adults (some) live as someone else-how sad! ...(since I give people their credits). One of my twitter buddies (@meliastarfucks) who RT'ed a quote by (@THE_BOONDOCKS). He tweeted "How is Halloween different from any other day? ;people already pretending to be something they're not"-it's totally true. Who cares about Halloween? I'd say. I guess I'm never into those things-dressing up and all that stuff. I actually tried doing and getting all excited about the costume thing for a while but then I say "fuck it!"...I stopped caring about stuff like that. I rather save my money...stay home relax because after all I need it. I need my energy and my body is not the same as it was a couple of years ago haa haa #TRUTH though. anyway i hope everyone and their mamas had a safe Halloween! now time to get ya asses on a diet with all that nasty candy inside you :-)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A quick hello!

Hello world! I am back...I know you all missed me *wink* How are you guys and gals doing? What's new? on my end all is great with me. My mom came back all well. ...wel so is my dad-ughhh! now with him now is something else. As much as I love the miserable man I would sort of ok if he was still over there (lord forgive me). Don't get me wrong I appreciate him and he's a great father but when he starts talking and nagging it's like I want to get away..he never seems to know when to STOP yapping! If I had Oprah's money I'd send him away for a while to go on a vacation. Seems to me he'smore happy back home and it's weird..Hmm! well he feels more at home and at peace. Hope you all are ready to have a wonderful productive fall and winter-I am so ready :-)