Saturday, March 2, 2013

Car accident? Really?!!

....... Not sure if I should post this or not.. I may be judged and blamed...
...but then again it wasn't my fault it's not like........ *sigh*

I had a long week, very long but like always and I still am not sure why I continue to complain. *sigh*
..maybe because I have in the back of my mind "if I complain maybe...MAYBE my days will be a little shorter and less stressful"-but nope, NEVER!!

...because my weeks are always stressful and long I always try to end it well, either hang with friend or get in contact with someone I'm closed to for some positive deep conversations-basically to vent.

.....fuck it I'll come clean-

I had a car accident. Yeah I'm writing this hours after the car accident in my bed after I popped two Advil PM for that horrible headache (no not from getting hurt-thank god), but from shock, stress, anger, I have so many emotions going on that I am a mess.

No, no one got hurt-thank god. There were no kids involved.

It was between my car and a rental car. But I see there were other accidents before mine all in the same spot.
Let's just say my car is pretty messed-up that it was towed :-(
Again no one got hurt which is more important for me I swear.
I was not the only one that was involved in the accident, it was two other cars-all because of one car on the belt, there were in total 3 cars that got towed including mine.

I was and still am very disappointed in myself, I am a careful driver and promised myself to never get into an accident but a year and two days from being a driver look what happened? :-(
I am ashamed.

I do have full coverage but that's not the point.
The point is how the fuck did I get into an accident?

Also God didn't turned his back on me and I feel so good about that. Believe me I'm sure it could've been worst.
My mother also gave me some great advice, she just made me feel so much better. Her kind words.

God also sent Mark to my rescue, for being there for me and comfort me and to gave me a ride home.
He called me many times today to check-up on me.
He is awesome.
None of my friends know about this (well now they're going to)-but I mentioned it to someone-"who cares?"-that's the vibe I get from the person. I thought that maybe they'd care but I am wrong I guess.

I am still in shock and emotional about everything.

Hope you all had a good day.