Monday, January 19, 2009

How annoying-ughhh!!

Ok this is something I had to share with you all which I'm sure some of you (New Yorkers) already experienced and know how it can be on the trains of NYC. And maybe some who doesn't have to do the NYC transit but sure deal with public transportation period. I've been taking public transportation for a long time and believe me I know all about the DOS and the DON'TS, I've been on the train from early to mid day, and throughout the night (basically that's how I go about). I love taking the trains, the transfering from one spot to the other, go up and down, uptown, downtown, midtwon, eastside, west side, parkside, parkview and so on-good experience-believe me lol. But, just like I'm a subway rider and love the NYC public transportation is the same way I have alot of pet peeves about it, and sometimes just wish I was the only one who takes the subway.
Some of the other passengers I ride with on the train really thinks it's their private world, and some thinks it's their livingroom or their backyard, or may think they're at the park.
ATTN: and this goes out especially to the black folks-no self-respect, no good behavior with themselves and their kids.
I don't like it when a group of young girls gets so loud on the train that the whole car can hear them-who cares about you and your boyfriend having sex?
No one cares about you smacking that girl from your class who gave you the dirty look!
No one cares about where you're going friday night!
No one cares about the type of labels you wear-ughhh so ghetto!!
I had a long day at work or at school and sometimes both, I am tired and need to rest my legs, do I care if you have ten kids with you? NO!
I don't hate kids or anything like that but when you see a young female with a stroller and two more kids on the side, and it's obvious she wasn't ready to have these kids. Especially if the kids have no manners, and doesn't know how to behave that's when my mean side takes place and just let her stand with her lil bastards-yeah yeah I'm mean but I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from and what I mean by that. I'm sorry I've had a long day WORKING OR WAS AT SCHOOL, DOING SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE AND THESE YOUNG ONES ON THE OTHER HAND RATHER SPREAD THEIR LEGS AND HAVE BABIES LIKE THEY'RE READY AND THE ECONOMY IS GREAT!! NO YOU CAN NOT HAVE MY SEAT AND NO YOU CAN NOT SQUEEZE IN AND MAKE ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE!!
I pay my fare so why should I be uncomfortable for you with 10 kids?
What I also hate is when bums come on the train and begs for money meanwhile there are help out there-my taxes and other New Yorkers taxes pay for your shelter and your well being, so why not use it?
I know I can be judgemnetal but this is the truth!
You're an American, you were born and raised in the US and I'm sure they have more help for them, alot of apportunities for them-hello it's your country why not take advantage?
But they rather be lazy and depend on the government and abuse it and don't appreciate the opportunities. They rather sit and blame the "white men and the government for their lazy asses.
My taxes, my working hard pays for your welfare and the places that you need to go to get some help..please do that!
I don't hate anyone nor have anything against anybody but when it comes to trying to use me and don't see that I'm trying and even take it into consideration and take take and take that's when I say FU!!
Don't you hate when you're waiting for the train, especially during rush hour, the train be packed and there's more people coming in....all of a sudden the train gets right in front of you that's when people becomes savages? Their savegeness comes out-LOL to that.
I hate being pushed and rushed..I let them know it't not that serious lol..for real it really isn't.
oh wait wait..they get inside the train all in your way and looking for the best seats lol!
like come on get out of my way so I can seat.
Like I said this isn't to be mean or a bytch but just annoying to me and to others.
I know I may offend some people but this is the truth-sorry!
So you tell me what you think and how you deal with it when you get on the train/next time you get on the train.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plane crash into Hudson River-thanks to pilot!

....So I just woke up feeling better...
This morning I had to wake up super early to go to the airport with dad (going to visit family and friends back home). worked all day yesterday and got home late. ..and to make it worst I have a motion sickness problem (so you can imagine the ride to the airport-ughh!). I stayed at the airport 'till his flight took off because it started snowing bad and we expected the weather to get worst, just in case his flight got (wasn't sure but waited anyway to see the "final boarding" for his destination.
Came home got something to eat..and took a nap.....
Woke up 4:39pm ...
........a plane crashed? huh? where? how? hope it's not a terrorist attacked again! not now...not again and especially not in this weather......
What we know is, a US Airways jet made an emergency landing into the Hudson River on this frigid afternoon.
The US Airways-flight 1549, with 155 people on board; three flight attendants and two pilots, left LaGuardia and was heading to Charlotte, NC. The cause for this as pilot reported: a "double bird strike" less than a minute after taking off. That's when he felt like he had to make that pluged into the Hudson. Both engines were knocked out by a flock of geese, the pilot wanted to turned back to LGA airport but it was too late-he made a safe landing to the Hudson near 48th instead that way it would be easier and safer for the passnegers on board.
Some people suffered minor bruises and scrapes, and minor hypothermia-it could have been worst.
God forbids that plane could've worst-it could've landed anywhere on the streets on NYC (times square) GOD knows...but thanks to the pilot such thing didn't happened.
One thing I can say about this almost-tragic incident is: I am glad everyone is ok and are safe-thanks to the pilot for making that safe landing.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thank you GOD for another year!

Hello everyone, Welcome again to my spot!
First I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and hope you all had a great '08 and hope you get to see many more in '09 and so on.
I know some of my good friends and my best friend heard it before and knows it and some of my other people I associate already heard me wishing them a great new year (blah blah). But I really would like to take the time out to thank and let people in my life know how much I appreciate them for being who they are-the best, the good, not so good, assholes (that's what makes you who you are), and the crazy ones (love you too) lol.
Looking back in '08, it was a very good year for me and I can honestly say I've come encounters with so many different types of individuals that I want to stay friends with and some I don't want in my life at all.
I've gone places that I've never been before and would like to visit again next year and maybe live in in two years (maybe that'll be my new years resolution for 2010) ::shrugs::
and some places I don't want to go back and waste my money again. But 2008 was a better than 2007-that I can say.
I've got hurt (feelings) by someone whom I truly loved and cared for, but hey that's life, regardless of anything if someone choses to hurt you no matter how deep is your love for them they will do it (no excuses!)
But I am over it..I am single and loving it lol..seriously it's totally fine ::smiles: I know GOD has a reason for whatever and why certain things happened the way they did.
I am greatful for whatever GOD has blessed me with ...
I am GRATEFUL for:
*good health (family)
*great ppl in my life
*full of self-love
*strong and smart
*my jobs
*and just every little thing else
I plan on leaving alot of old, bad habits and bad apples behind, some are personal that I can't share with you. But some are just simple little things that I need to get rid of and move on.
I plan on taking life more seriously and continue to live it to the fullest.
I've come to realized my priorities (be there for family, school, work, me and taking care of me more) is more important than anything else in this world.
I plan on being there for my friends more and try to come to an understanding that it's not and doesn't have to be all about ME all the damn times!
I plan on better my life, as in stay focused when in school and be more focused to my inner self/being, and to really understand who I am.
Continue to be the loving, sensitive individual that I am and not let the unsensitive assholes/anyone tell me otherwise.
I plan on continuing to give and share my love (to the ones that are worth it).
Ok now that you see what I'm planing on doing and you can understanding it or not that's up to you!
ohhhhh...before I put this down ,whoever is reading my page and feel like it's about them which after all if you feel some type of way-I guess it's you then ::smiles::
.....I plan on LEAVING/IGNORING THE BAD APPLES behind (who eats or would even pick up a bad apple off the ground anyway?) NOT ME! ok ok..I did but don't want to and trying not to for '09.
So I plan on deleting alot of "friends from '08 (the ones that's never there for me, the lames and the flakes, the ones that promised shyt but can't do shyt about it and always have this "I don't give a shyt attitude) is not about "oh that's not my business and why should I care". Or "Why should I care when that's the type of person that I am? I can't help it") I need more positive, self oriented individuals in my life. I am tired of the fakes ones and tired of someone I considered real but was dead wrong about.
GOD knows how much we all need positive thinkers and individuals in our lives. I know I do.
I have alot of goals that much be achived this year, better yeat before my birthday (April).
I plan on getting my license (grandma needs to be a lil faster lol)
I want to do my internship this fall.
I want this and I want that....::screaming::
ok I should stop.....
oh but wait.....I can say I need to lose like Mmm!! ::looking in the mirror: 15lbs.
I can toned up a bit.
I can slow down on the partying and the drinking (well maybe to that one).
I plan on using my money wisely-recession hello lol
I can slow down on the talking (talk too much sometimes lol)..seriously I can slow down...
I would like to thank you all for being a part in my journey (life) and for being who you are....
and have a great new year..TTYL!!