Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday world!

First I'd like to thank my loves who usually come here to visit me and even though you don't leave a comment it's all good just your presence is appreciated (you know who you are)-thank you!

So my dad went on a mini vaca to visit family and friends back home-thank god for that :-)
Do I miss him? Yes. Am I happy he left for a while? Yes of course to that:-) not only he needs the get-away but he was stressing everyone around him. He did enough damaged to us lol. But I miss him though. He's my father and he's a good dad if course.

Second thing is I thought I wasn't going on a vacation this year but the way things are going maybe after all I might be able to.
We'll see about that-I can confirmed by April or so.
I just have to make sure I'm on my grinds you know.

Hope everyone had a good valentines day-even if you don't have a boo nut god is your boo and believe me he's more important than anyone else.

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