Friday, November 27, 2009

blk friday?......HAPPY BE-LATED THANKSGIVING who's going shopping today or already went shopping?
I am tired of hearing and seeing ppls facebook stats and their tweets about black friday-who cares? seriously there's nothing good going on that day...go to work and not waste your money lol. the best deals are after Christmas :)
....oh speaking of Christmas I have to start working on my Christmas list..the list is longer this year :)
I will save up and do my real shopping for myself after Christmas!
...untill then enjoy wasting money fools LOL
....*yawns* so I'm late on my thankgiving post which I told myself I was going to work on you can see I didn't-I was very busy.
Hope everyone had a tasty thanksgiving with their loved ones.
I had a lovely thankgiving with my two best friends L & I didn't spend it with family (they didn't mind), this year I wanted it to be different-I'm around my family sooo much and they didn't care lol.
....So yesterday not only I was taught to cook/prepared certain tasty dishes (proud of myself) but was given a surprised which I didn't expect :) what else could I ask for right? lol
I think I gained weight which I plan on getting rid of before the Christmas holiday-how does that sound?
I am thankful for my loving family although they get on my nerves ughhhh! but it's all good :)
I am thankful for my friends and the others in my life that accepts me for who I am. Also for my job-blah, my health and the fact that GOD is always with me no matter what.
I am grateful for making it another thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey! I'm writing this I'm actually waiting on my train (A/C-whichever one comes) to go home...The BEAUTY of mobile blogging ☺. I'm coming from my good friends' house (they just move to BK-WHOOT!
They had a house warming and I enjoyed my time-it was sooo nice to see them. I haven't seen them for like a month.

...I know I keep saying it over and over but I miss ATL...GA period. I miss my brother, and I miss GA. GOD is with me with my plans-but ughh!! Why can't things just happen any sooner? Sometimes I feel like he tests me and make me wait longer for something/anything I wish and play for. He only knows why and I won't give up the faith I have in him, I can't give up!
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

27 things about MOI!!

Hello world...hope you all are havng a fantastic weekend-hope y'all are staying warm.
Wow another boring weekend for me Hmm!! Have two papers due monday-when will it end?

Anyway I thought I'd give you guys a little clue about moi and who I am really...doesn't matter if you care to know just friggin' read it lol

1. I am glad my mom was the one that gave me my dad wanted to name me Sophia-ughh! seriously do I look like a Sophia?

2. I wish I had a middle name..I'm seriously thinking about adding a middle name to my name (melanie, valencia).

3. I am 24 and ♡ that age lol

4. I am the sweetest person you can ever meet (that's why peeps think they can try to take advantage hm!) BUT at the same time I can be the total opposite!!!

5. I have a bad tendency and the people that knows me tells me that too...I need to stop thinking out loud!
If i'm out in public and I see someone behave, just anything off about them I will basicallly talk about it (it's ok) but I expressed my opinions where it can "lead to confrontations"-so my friends tellls me.
hey I'm working on it ok :)

6. I hold grudges. I told myself not to add it in this note but what the hell-that's just who I am and I understand holding a grudge won't get me anywhere but pain and stresed. I'm working on that too.
I am working on to let go and move on and forgive people for their shytty ways towards. Life is too short anyway!

7. I hate rejection..I'm the type if I know I will get rejected for something or turned down I won't even try to ask or approache the situation. Why bother if you already know? and that's why sometimes I keep myself away from certain siituation. Even when it comes to my personal life (someone I'm seeing or talking to)..If I'm seeing someone and the person doesn't call or have any type of interests on trying to contact me THEN I automatically assume their interests is elsewhere or the interests isn't there anymore *shrugs* ...I'm always right :)
So if I don't call or anything it's because I feel like you're not trying to contact me and I know "what's up"!

8. I ♥ GREEN!!-mostly everything I owned are GREEN...

9. I am a ☎ whore..I ♥ my  curve..yes I still got my curve.

10. I am a 5000lbs fat person living in a 160lbs tall, slim but curves in all the right places LOL-just had to add that in :).....I ♡ to eat. Sometimes I wonder why am I not fat? I gained weight but I lose it so easily..back and forth (just like mariah) lol.

11. My goal is to be fluent in espanol!!
I ♥ the language-it's very sexyyy and romantic..especially when saying the "Rs"..
and it's always good to be bilangual or trilangual
escuchame mi amigas..yo te amor espanol :)

12. I was a vegetarian for a year and loved it. I started to be good again BUT I am surrounded by more swine eaters LOL- ♡ yall's hard :(
but this time it"s seriious..

13. I am an H & M whoreee- I remember my last year in H.S I worked there and I had to quit lol..I was going crazyy (oprah's voice)..

14. I am a colorful person will never catch me matching my eyeshadow with my shirt or just my outfit period-tacky ladies...don't do it!!

15. I like to hold on to memories. Even if it's something I shouldn't be happy about or that might hurt-it's good to sit alone and reminisce about our pasts and see where we fucked-up and try not to do it again ...MOVE ON!!

16. Everyday I am thankful that I have such great parents..I know you're like "duhhh! so is everyone". NO! not everyone gets along or ♡ their parents smh...that's where the communication is important ppl.

17. I am a joyful, loving person and I can proudly say I get along with almost everyone that enters my world :)
I welcome everyone with open arms.

18. The people that knows me know I am fun and'll know when something is wrong with me when I'm quiet, distant and to myself.

19. Every month when Ms. Flow visits me I always wish to be a dude I swear.

20. I am very affectionate..too affectiionate sometimes ughh!! ..I ♥ to hug, hold, cuddle :)

21. Recently I am beginning to wear high heels (couple of months now)..and no I wasn't a tomboy or a sneaker type either but I always used to and still do wear my flats and converse. But I ♡ my heels now and I look damn good in them.

22. I am a bag lady. I ♥ bags (small, medium, clutch bags, all sorts)..

23. Ok so Ive been told I'm too sensitive-and what's wrong with that again? oh sorry I have feelings and the way I expressed myself is very human-like lol
Yes I do cry to "Notebook" and every other happy or sad movies.

24. I had a best friend who I thought would be "BFF"... LMFAO to that haaaaa!!
that's the shyt I'm talking about ppl stabbing you in the back and it reallly hurt.

25. I think that also goes with #24 but whatever!
I sometimes wish I had a best friend ( I had) blah blah..but someone I can talk to about ANYTHING and do things with, accept me for who I really am. Accept and ♥ me despite my crazy and annoying ways-but oh well not all of us are lucky....or not everyone gets to have it all *shrugs*

26. I am veryyyyy stubborn...even if it might costs me my life..hey don't judge yet!!
If I can't have it my way then leave me alone and don't even bother! (old me)...leave me alone! I don't wanna hear! I don't care on what you have to say! my mind is made up and there's nothing* I mean NOTHING that can change it!***but that was the old me and I'm working on it and gettting better.
I understand life is not and doesn't have to be about me. I have to learn to chill and take life at ease and it's going to be alright.

27. I am obsessed with tetris-recently I reached my goal (level 17) and damn who knows when that will happen again lol

28. Ohh one more...
I ♥ mexican food (yummmy), and a seafood ♥er :)

29. more...
I ♥ butterflies-they're beautiful and FREE!

30. Hold on
I have a very smart ass mouth-I can push ppl away in an instant with my smart ass comments and sarcastic self...hey I never said I was proud of that but I'm sure some of you already know :)
Sorry but sometimes ppl need to hear it..especially the A**holes!

Sometimes I believe I was born to get disappointed.
It's weird cause I never disappointed anyone Hmm!! But somehow ppl always tends to disappoints me*

So now that you've learned a little about moi and get a clue of who I really am...don't you DARE judge me!!!....
Well even if you do I wouldn't give a *BLEEP* anyway ☺

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shytty feeling!

I'm back in my bed with the ipod on listening to all my neo-soul musics (india, jill, corinne, ledisi and so on)-that's the mood I am right now=messy!
I really hate the mood I am but can't help it during this couple of days. It's weird because as I'm getting older the symptoms are stronger and getting worst-WTF?
....And no I don't have a depression problem (I'm nowhere stressed out nor depressed), you (the females) know when she's around you've got al these crazy emotions-extra sensitive, everything affects you, and you're just a mess?-well that's me!
I can admit when she's around I see, feel and view everything around me blurry-that's how I can describe my state of being right now...nothing is clear to me, I refused to view things and ppl like I do when she's not around.
..So halloween is over-thank GOD!
I was tired of ppls fb stats and twittering about halloween-ok it's over already! After a while the same thing-come on! First day of another month-great!
I am ready for this year to be over already..well just a little.
So last night I was supposed to go out with my friends-although I got invited last min (which I don't like) but worked all day yesterday and was busy and an incident happened at work when I was gettting off then Ms. Flow decided to knock at my door-crazy! But no I didn't go anywhere besides work-not that it made a difference if I didn't join them anyway Hmm!
I'm sure they had a great time without me!!-good!
I deactivated my fb account earlier-i need a break and to stay to myself.

I really hope I get over this shytty mood!!!!!!!!!!!
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