Wednesday, July 22, 2009

forgiven-HELP!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!

*enters the creative world* Hmm!! just where I belong... I need some opinions, advice, whatever..AYUDARME AMIGAS(OS) lol ...question first: have you ever been hurt by anyone (loved ones, someone you were intimate with, a friend) and they did you wrong/betrayed you when you were so true to them? I understand everybody's different-some may hold a grudge and never forgive that person and some may forgive and work it out and be cool again *shrugs* whatever!! I can honestly say I hold grudges which I'm getting better on letting go....YES I am learning to let go and it's a really good feeling :) ..but what's bothering me>>I've thought about it like everyday, and I asked GOD for forgiveness for my ways and to let go and forgive ppl and their shytty ways towards me.. I want to forgive ppl and try to work things out, I really do-not because of anything other reason-I just want to...hard to believe but I'm a great believer in working things out, giving ppl a chance or a second chanmce and understand my differences and others'. Deep down inside I am afraid. I am afraid of rejection, I am afraid of being looked down (such pride)-I shouldn't be right? Hmmm!! I don't know anymore....but what I do know is that I want to contact someone who hurt me and she really tried to work it out with me and be cool and cordial-me on the other hand I was so hurt I basically told her to fuck off ughhh!! ...I want to contact her to see how she's doing and how are things with her *shrugs*-HELP!! Link

Monday, July 20, 2009

BLESS monday :)

I'm at my school now getting my fiancial papers ready for next semester-BLAH!! I can honestly and proudly say I am having a BLESS monday :) what about you? from today I plan on to continue having a BLESS day....let the little stuff past my shoulders and if it does I'll remember to brush it off! Last week I think on a wednesday I went to church for the first time in a long time LOL-I'm not religious or anything like that but I need to start going to church and show GOD how much I am able to do alot with him in my life and how much I apreciate his wonderful miracles :) from now on I will try to make it a "regular thing' hope you al are having a BLESS monday! Link

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Missed this CREATIVE world:)***I'm BACK!!

me at the International African Festival in BK
OMG I really don't know where to start here....*pauses* Hmm!!
It has been a long time since I stepped foot into this wonderful, creative world! Alot has happened since last I was here....some things turned out to be good and some not so well..well that's how I'm learning to be a better person to myself and to others in my life.
What I know is as of today I am really starting to take some time off of things I made the top priorities in my life which only putting me behind-I really didn't need anyone to tell me I'm fucking up...I know I've fucked up and it's so not like me.. Ever since friday night I realized that I need to slow down on certain things, and just fucking relax for's obvious I made a fool of myself friday night and my friends had to babysat me-fucked-up!!
I won't be getting into much details on how I fucked-up but lets just say PMSin', depression, confusion, hurt and drunk=COMPLETE DISASTER!!!!!! I am ashamed for my behavior and how immature I was in public and worst thing in front of the people I love and care about-hot mess Val ughhh!!
I have decided to deactivate my FB account for a while-I need a break from all these damn networking and get on my grinds!!
What's new with me? Hmmm!!
I am taking my driving lessons (damn how long?) LOL!- but this time I know for sure I will have my license :) I am that confident!
I am taking this one english class (the short story)-very interesting!
Taking life easy and take on step at a time....and not to sweat the small stuff...*brushing them off* it's all good babbii lol
I am also learning to forgive people that done me wrong-we all hurt sometimes but as long as we acknowledge our fucked-up behavior! Link